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I could have written this.

My Time of Endless Failures

I’m not joking. I recently had what I called “a bad baking week” … Which one of my friends kindly said was still better than a good baking week in his life. As much as I wanted to take the compliment, all I could think about was the peanut butter cookie dough that simply crumbled, and could not be rolled… Or the blueberry coffee cake that try as I might, never actually finished baking…

And then work and kitchen renovation planning and decisions took over my time, and suddenly, I had nothing new to share with you!

Slowly, I’ve recovered, with a few bumps in the road (the queso I made for the Super Bowl is not worth the words I just typed), but there have been some successes I will share soon. And I have officially ordered cabinets!!


Eyes on cake!

This is what happens in my house when you bake things with peanut butter. Dog is convinced all that hard work is for him. This time, it was for a special birthday boy. But I’m still tuckered out from all the fun, so stay tuned for the complete run down. Until then, I know you’re all as eager as this guy: