Welcome to my kitchen

I would make my mother so proud, if I was able to sit here and tell you, I always, always, take her advice.  But the honest truth is, I don’t.

This Christmas I found myself standing in her kitchen, scoffing at the idea of my writing, photographing, publishing a blog about food – something I’d never considered, nor thought I would hear my mom suggest. But the more I thought about it (perhaps we can thank a predictably painful drive down the eastern metropolis as well)… the more I thought … “why not”.

In this particular instance, I find myself listening to my mother.

I will admit, I have my reservations.  I don’t think I have anything truly unique to share with cyberspace.  I’ve often said about my cooking that I’m just good at following directions.  And I certainly cannot claim to have invented some bold new dish that everyone has to have.

But, I enjoy culling cookbooks and websites for fresh ideas and new combinations.  And I find myself regularly discussing with family and friends.

So here, you will get to read about my most recent adventure, fiasco, find, and success, as I continue to search out new and different this year.  Plus, this is the year that I take on the biggest challenge yet in my kitchen: renovation.

I’ve had enough of those new years resolutions to lose weight.  This year, I resolve to eat more. More exciting, new, different… and probably revisit some old standbys.

I’ll share it all here with you. So grab a plate. Let’s dig in!

2013: the year of the kitchen.


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