Whole30: Day 30ish

Right. So. It’s been a while. 15 days to be exact. I went dark there … But I still Whole30’ed on. Mostly.

Easter happened, which although tempting with my mom’s bunny cake, passed without Whole30 disaster. There were some more recipe successes, and there were some misses in there too. But also, midway through the month, I got into a real routine. Week 3 was not anywhere close to overwhelming. I knew what needed to be done – plan, shop, prep. And it was becoming easier every day!

That’s all great! So…… I need to tell you about my decision to off-road for an important weekend of friend time. It wasn’t that I couldn’t carry on sticking with the plan… But I decided for that I would allow myself to off-road so I wouldn’t feel guilty about failing or consumed by maintaining the good decisions. So, day 25 arrived, and I indulged a bit. I had a couple (not too many) drinks with my friends. I allowed myself a couple cookies (not the whole package) without guilt. And although this was not my intention at the beginning of the 30 days, I was feeling good both about what I had accomplished in the 25 days, and that I didn’t go totally crazy over the fun weekend.

What I didn’t plan for was the aftermath. I’m not gonna lie. I enjoy a good Bloody Mary. It was glorious. You’ve heard me mention how I was craving chocolate. The cookies were soooo tasty. Oh, and I did have freshly made pasta – which was delicious as well. But after the pasta and the drinking, I felt bloated like I hadn’t been in oh, 25 days. And, tired. And the sugar rush and crash… Wasn’t great, but man, the chocolate cookies were good.

The worst confession I have to make is that I slid further on Monday (day 28) and indulged in some more chocolate and latte. This is where I disappointed myself. See? I was okay with everything that happened through the weekend. I had decided to do it beforehand, and felt in control. I was good with it. But since I had already told myself I’d be re-staring after the weekend… I pretty much caved. For no good reason.

So, no surprise, but there’s more work to be done to shake sugar and keep mentally tough. I don’t mean for this to sounds as bummer-ish as it may sound. Even though I didn’t do the 30, I got enough out of making the changes this month to know I want to do it for real. I’ve been feeling so good, full of energy, and lost some weight! Plus, I think my skin’s a bit clearer. Mostly, there may have been tough days at times, but it hasn’t been nearly as challenging as I thought it would be.

So, I will leave you with my tasty meals on this day 30ish, and let you know that I will keep sharing my recipe finds as I continue on!!

BREAKFAST – scrambled eggs, peppers, kale and avocado.


LUNCH – Chocolate Chili with avocado, green beans, and an apple.
(You should make this chili soon, hurry!)


DINNER – Paleo Pad Thai I don’t know what took me so long to make this, and it doesn’t exactly taste like Pad Thai, but don’t make my mistake. Make this.


Thanks for following along, and being interested as I figure this out!


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