Whole30: Day 12

8:00A BREAKFAST – a variation on a theme. You have the idea by now. Eggs, kale, peppers, sweet potato, avocado.


I spent the day running around doing chores, and the thermometer here hit 80. Either being so busy, or the heat… resulted in a late lunch. Once I sat down to eat, I was in fact hungry, but hadn’t been ravenous at all.

2:00 LUNCH – ground spiced lamb with tomatoes & eggplant, cucumbers, and leftover sweet potatoes.


8:00p DINNER – lemon herb chicken, salad with asparagus, sugar snap peas, radish and tomatoes. A little fresh lemon for dressing. Late, but hit the spot. Plus, my visitors were mostly on board with this meal – though I did cook up some rice for one of them.


This was a whirlwind of a day, and yet I didn’t end it exhausted or stuffed from eating so late. Don’t get me wrong, the chores and errands all day did tire me, but nowhere near the crash that I would have had before, I think.

(Also, yes, I am quite late in posting this. Just know I’ve carried on, and felt good.)


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