Whole30: Day 8

7:00A BREAKFAST – 3 eggs scrambled, sweet potato hash with coconut oil, zucchini fritters, and 1/2 avocado.

Again I was really happy for my eggs this morning. After yesterday, which we’ll just call a bad day, I’m working on a theory, that I should be more aware of morning carbs.

11:45A LUNCH – that chicken, cauliflower rice, salsa, avocado, and sweet potatoes to conceal the chicken. Oh, and a small cucumber.


I got home from work on the early side today (lucky!!) and had an apple to quell my need to eat immediately.

6:45P DINNER – balsamic glazed salmon, sugar snap peas, rosemary roasted carrots and parsnips… and you guessed it: cauliflower rice.


So, I end this day in much better spirits, and feeling like yesterday was tough, but today wasn’t nearly as bad.


One response to “Whole30: Day 8

  1. katie slattery

    way to keep at it. stay strong.

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