Whole30: Day 6

8:30A BREAKFAST – sweet potato hash, zucchini fritters, 2 fried eggs, and a grapefruit.


12:15P LUNCH – arugula with chicken breast salad with sauerkraut, cabbage, red onion and pickles, and a bit of avocado (not pictured). Too busy being excited for a springtime hike!


3:45P – post hike snack of almonds, cashews, dried papaya and coconut flakes. Maybe it was the hiking, fresh air, or that it’s Sunday… I’ve been craving sweets big time today.

7:00P DINNER – balsamic glazed salmon, sugar snap peas, and this cauliflower rice.


The cauliflower rice exceeded my expectations, big time. I’ve been enjoying roast cauliflower for some time, but this is the best of the toastiness, and light and fluffy. Much better than mashed cauliflower, for sure. That just begs for cream or cheese or butter… I also used olive oil instead of the coconut oil called for in the recipe. So far I’ve found it gives thing a sweet taste, which I didn’t really want here. Worked out well all the same!

Another day down, and other than clearly craving sugar and sweet things, I’m not missing much. I’ve finished most of my prep for the week, and am pretty sure I have a good plan ready to go.


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