Whole30: Day 4

7:00A BREAKFAST – 1/2 bell pepper, 2 c kale, scallions, and 3 scrambled eggs. Oh yes, and 1/2 grapefruit.


Hungry at 9:30A. What?! Maybe I needed a more rounded dinner, or avocado at breakfast. Maybe I just think I’m hungry. So, I drink water, and am thankful I don’t have to actually consider if I’m hungry enough to eat fish and broccoli (which is what they say is how you gauge is you’re truly hungry). Turns out I make it to lunchtime, when I am hungry, and enjoy a meal.

1:00P LUNCH – Chop’t salad done with grilled chicken, carrots, cucumbers, beets, tomatoes and avocado. Oil & vinegar. The beets make me wish there was cheese in this. I’m pretty sure I’ll survive.


7:15 DINNER – Rosemary pork sausage with sautéed cabbage, roast sweet potatoes, and green beans.


What a mishmash. It’s too bad ground meat doesn’t look appetizing, because this – rosemary garlic pork sausage – is a favorite of mine from Smith Meadows at my farmers market. I’m super excited for this, and that it’s Friday!!

I need a weekend for more meal planning and prep. I’m going to try an actual recipe this week. Maybe two.

Also, I have a confession to make: I stepped on the scale this morning. The rules, or guidelines, say this is something I’m really not supposed to do. I think I need to hide it away if I’m going to make it to day 30 without stepping on it again…


3 responses to “Whole30: Day 4

  1. Today I have several comments:
    1. All of the meals looked appetizing…but the rosemary pork sausage SOUNDS AMAZING. fyi.
    2. fish and broccoli = true hunger? I need to remember this…like baked, plain fish, right? not delicious fried cod in fish n chips form?
    3. I appreciate your confession. What did the scale tell you? Anything? Nothing has changed yet? I saw the part of the timeline that says there is a point where you will actually be bloated/pants tighter…has that happened?
    4. headaches today?
    5. Hooray for Friday!

  2. katie slattery

    congrats on making it to Friday – four days down!

  3. So many comments/questions!
    1. You would love it.
    2. Yes, of course, not delicious fish & chips. It’s a new exercise for me.
    3. The scale and I had a private conversation, but I didn’t get angry at it. I just felt guilty for stepping on.
    Anyhow, I am not sure how much true change one can expect in a matter of days, and I’m not expecting anything radical. I am hoping to feel radically different at the end of the month, primarily healthy and energetic. I have to be honest – I am not excited for pants to feel tighter, per the timeline.
    4. No headaches! Whoop!
    5. Yes!

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