Whole30: Day 1

7A BREAKFAST – 3 eggs scrambled with 1c kale, 1/2 bell pepper, onion, grape tomatoes and avocado.20140402-081326.jpg

11:30A hungry! Maybe because I was in the car. Maybe because I was dreading a meeting that included lunch.

1:30P LUNCH – they served delicious smelling Indian. I ate my prepared lunch in my Tupperware… See dinner from last night.20140402-081337.jpg

6P cocktail hour at work event. Water with lime was just fine.
The dinner that followed had healthy looking things, but too many grains, sauces, to navigate. I waited to get home to my kitchen for dinner.

9P DINNER – so late, and fairly hungry, I now know why you should prep a lot of food. I worked with what was fastest, so not the prettiest of meals. But it did the trick, worked just fine, and didn’t cave for something even easier (takeout) on the way home.
Ground spiced lamb, sautéed cabbage, and roasted carrots.20140402-081351.jpg

Feeling really good about surviving two work meals!!


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