Whole30: Day 0

Tomorrow is April 1. But it is no joke. I am starting a Whole30 … month of eating all the good foods I should be eating.  No sugar. No grains. No dairy. No soy. Nothing processed.  What I know, here on day 0, is that I will be eating a lot of veggies. Some fruits. Meat + Fish + Eggs.

I’ve done my homework, I’ve read the book, websites, and blogs. And somehow, I ended up talking myself into it instead of out of it.

It may be crazy, but somebody thought they might be interested in reading about this craziness as I live it.  So, I’ll use this blog as a daily diary of what I eat — hopefully result of many kitchen successes — and what I notice on a daily basis.
Hopefully, this will keep me accountable and more committed to this crazy plan.

I know at least one of you out there is reading.

So today. Day 0.

I was almost ready, but liked the idea of starting this for real on the 1st.  I used today as a check. Am I ready, really? Am I committed to this plan, or should I be committed?

6:15 A – Latte number 1 while I get ready


7:15 A – How about another on the way to the office?


8:45 A – BREAKFAST (at desk). Egg cups with kale, sweet potato, onion, and red pepper.20140331-204122.jpg

12:15 P – LUNCH (at desk). Roasted eggplant with lamb + tomatoes, cauliflower, asparagus, and salad.


I thought lunch was good.  I felt full when I cleaned out these containers. I was hungry at 4P, but convinced that was routine, not really hunger.  However, maybe not enough fat in this meal, as I really was very ready for dinner.

7:15P – DINNER (at table).   Roast sweet potatoes.  Lemon pepper chicken, snap peas, red peppers over spinach, with avocado.



I was SO hungry come dinner. I managed to wait/eat sitting down and at the table.  Full and satisfied, and this came together quickly.

Other than the milk in coffee this morning, today provided some reassurance ahead of Day 1.  Here goes nuthin!


2 responses to “Whole30: Day 0

  1. Hey! I know who that somebody is that you speak of! Good luck. Day 0 sounds successful, I hope Day 1 is, too!

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