Mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Need I say more? I didn’t think so.  But here we go, just in case:

IMG_5307A good friend once shared with me her pumpkin cookie recipe, “The Best Pumpkin Cookies”.  It was hard to argue with the name. They were the best. Plus, they had cream cheese frosting that was a rich and delicious match to the cake-y cookie.  That was the moment I fell in love with pumpkin – beyond pumpkin pie.

IMG_5311While I absolutely positively love these cookies, I was never able to make them look pretty. The dough is quite moist, and even when piped, I ran into imperfect icing. So they were always messy, and I found the best approach for the perfect cookie-to-icing ratio was to frost as I indulged. On the spot. Which led me to sandwiching them, because, why not?

IMG_5316Since that time, I have quietly felt these perfect cookies needed to in fact become a whoopie pie. See, this approach would perfect the cookie-to-icing ratio without all that unruly of-the-moment frosting.

IMG_5321In what seems to be a recurring theme, I’m really not sure why I didn’t attempt to perfect such perfection any sooner. But I recently found myself purchasing a mini-whoopie pie pan, and so it was time.

IMG_5330It was time for the Superbowl, actually. And that seemed to me a great occasion for what I was certain would be a few bites of pure awesomeness.  (note, I neglected to share these with you back when originally created. However, it is now November. The perfect time to whip up something perfectly pumpkin, and overlook the delay.)


This recipe I found at whisks & whimsy specifically for whoopie pies was pretty close to my friend’s cookie recipe. So I felt rather confident about bringing these to a party un-tested.


What resulted, was in fact, pretty much perfect. And I left that party pretty close to empty handed, but full of rave reviews… and awaiting the next occasion for something perfectly pumpkin.

The link is above, but to make sure you can hurry up and enjoy these, the recipe on Whisks & Whimsy is here:


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