French Macarons. In Raspberry.

Also, my grand return to the kitchen blogging.

I really had the best of intentions with this project (if I can call it that?), and high hopes that it wouldn’t have to include an apology.  But I simply cannot acknowledge the months (months!) I have left this blog in a corner collecting dust. Just like the rest of my home – but more on that later – – – when I really and truly finish my kitchen renovation.

What you need to know now, the most important detail of all: my kitchen is fully functional.
What I am focused on: I am WAY behind in sharing my adventures with you.

Seriously. I thought surely I could manage a few posts here and there as I pushed through the renovation.  I even stored a few up in the queue so I wouldn’t have started out this blog (what? you haven’t seen those? not to worry, they’ll make it up here eventually.  It’s just that some of them are, well, more wintry in all honesty. So I’ll share them when the time is right. Promise.), and left all three of you loyal readers hanging out in your kitchen, just waiting for me to tell you what to make next.  I hope/think/pray you’ve managed to feed yourselves in my absence.
Still, I am sorry that this hiatus of sorts has been so long.  And if you have been waiting all this time, you must be really hungry.

Also, with this great abyss of space and time since I last posted, I felt like I couldn’t make my grand return in any old way.  This called for pomp and circumstance. And challenge.

IMG_5702So here it is: something that was in the end, worth all the effort, but I am not convinced at this exact moment when I will muster the courage to repeat it.

Know those beautiful multicolored macarons you see in shop windows in Paris, or fancy bakeries?  These are not them.  By no means have I perfected the french macaron.  However, I followed Martha’s directions, and in the end I think they fit the bill just fine.  My taste testers approved.

IMG_5670One of the reasons it took me a while to attempt this recipe (other than not having a functional kitchen for some time, and being distracted by that project for much longer) is that it calls for almond flour and super fine sugar. Two things I don’t keep in my kitchen, even when fully stocked.  I never did find the super fine sugar at a local grocery store. I did attempt to make regular granulated sugar super fine. Fail. I’m pretty sure it’s exactly the same size. But that says more about my immersion blender/cuisinart than anything, really.


So basically, these involve a lot of whipping.  And in theory, they just whip themselves up!  But, if you have a teensy tiny food processor, and a sifter that apparently doesn’t sift the sticky fines of almond flour and powdered sugar like me…. well, you will spend much more time sifting.  And sifting. And sifting… and then you will realize you haven’t made it through the first of two siftings of these ingredients prior to… wait for it… sifting them a third time into the egg whites.

If you’re not already feeling my pain, about the time I looked at the bowl and saw a super fine cloud of sugar and almond flour:

IMG_5678 and realized what was happening in the sifter:

IMG_5681is when I gave up on this sifting business.  Seriously.  Ain’t nobody got time for that. Even when you’ve set aside plenty of time and patience for this recipe.

The whipping, though, was super easy.  Once the mixer got warmed up, we were in business.


IMG_5686I even threw in a little food coloring to make them pink, like the shops. (I *may* have gone a little overboard).

IMG_5691The baking process is a bit tedious with the re-warming of the oven, and the resting before baking.  But after all that sifting, it was a welcome calm, drawn out process. No joke.

IMG_5689I am no macaron piping professional. About 90% of these cracked in baking, and it took a bit to find just the right size.

IMG_5704But, there were a few perfectly smooth tops… and once assembled with raspberry jam in the center, it really didn’t matter much to me. They were delicious!


Knowing better than to mess with these on my first attempt, I followed Martha Stewart’s recipe exactly.  Well, almost. As I said, the sifting got the better of me. Perhaps that is why they weren’t picture perfect. But they tasted great. 


2 responses to “French Macarons. In Raspberry.

  1. When do I get to be a taste tester for you recipes?

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