Tomato Curry with Coconut Rice

I totally had other things planned for this space.  Decadent, sweet things.  Dough-y yeasty things. And I will get to those in future posts.  But first, I was so pleased by this dish that I just had to leap-frog it ahead of those other treats.  I thought about letting it wait in line, like a good, patient, well behaved post. I was just too excited. I had to share it with you now, so that you can hurry up and make it (it’s easy! mostly!) before the warmth of spring rolls in, and you are no longer craving the comfort of warm saucy spicy dinners.  It can’t be just me, right? You’re all about the warm saucy spicy dinners in winter too. I know.

IMG_5370So, let me tell you about the time that I received this Nigella Lawson cook book, Kitchen, for Christmas, oh… three years ago, I think, if I’m being conservative.  And I loved it immediately, how could I not?  Except that I sit here three years later, having drooled over the pages many times, but unable to tell you what I have made from it other than her Chinatown Chicken Salad. Once. It was really refreshing, and something I enjoyed for leftovers (which is a challenge in my world – I want to love leftovers, but they so often seem so sad and left-over). The salad deserves to be made more frequently. Seriously. But that’s for another time. This is about hearty tomato curry and flavorful nutty rice.

IMG_5381I have stopped on this recipe every time I’ve picked up the cookbook. Every single time. And yet? I never made it. Learn from my mistakes, people!  Make up for my lost time!

IMG_5382It’s fairly easy. It’s basically chopping and sauté-ing… how hard can that be. I will admit that as I was dead set on just the right timing of rice ready, and curry ready, and the perfect tomato-pea contrast I had a freak out moment of oh-my-gosh-could-MORE-things-be-happening-on-my-stovetop-right-now?!?!  Luckily, I recovered, the timing worked well, and again, it’s really not all that difficult.

IMG_5387I will also admit that I was lacking an ingredient or two, and because I was lazy, I was NOT walking myself that block and a half for scallions mid-simmer. I can tell though that they will make this rice even tastier. So don’t forget them when you shop. Write a list. And – novel concept – purchase all the items on that list.


But do run to the store for the few items you don’t already have on hand, and make this soon.  Plus! The leftovers are good! (Nigella scores again on leftovers!!)


Complete recipe is in the cookbook, and on Nigella’s website too!



One response to “Tomato Curry with Coconut Rice

  1. I really enjoyed this dish – although I made a couple of modifications. I did not include the black mustard seeds (fail!) and added chicken. Next time…definitely need those Nigella seeds.

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