I could have written this.

My Time of Endless Failures

I’m not joking. I recently had what I called “a bad baking week” … Which one of my friends kindly said was still better than a good baking week in his life. As much as I wanted to take the compliment, all I could think about was the peanut butter cookie dough that simply crumbled, and could not be rolled… Or the blueberry coffee cake that try as I might, never actually finished baking…

And then work and kitchen renovation planning and decisions took over my time, and suddenly, I had nothing new to share with you!

Slowly, I’ve recovered, with a few bumps in the road (the queso I made for the Super Bowl is not worth the words I just typed), but there have been some successes I will share soon. And I have officially ordered cabinets!!


One response to “I could have written this.

  1. Whoop! Whoop! New cabinets!!!!

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