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Carrot Soup & Pita Bread

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I was pretty much skeptical of this carrot soup recipe.  And, I pretty much remain skeptical, if I’m being honest.  But it’s worth talking about, it’s probably worth another shot at a variation of some sort (though I’m not yet … Continue reading


Life isn’t always just desserts…

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So, here’s the thing.  I somehow reached “adulthood” … rather, an age at which I am no longer a teenager, let’s be honest … without ever really having eaten cauliflower. Seriously. For some reason, it was not one of those … Continue reading


I’ll take my peanut-butter cup in cake form, thank you!

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Birthdays are the best, aren’t they?  A day all about you.  Things you want to do.  People you want to see.  Celebrations you want to have.  And a perfect cake, just for you, to top it all off. So, as I was finding the perfect … Continue reading

Eyes on cake!

This is what happens in my house when you bake things with peanut butter. Dog is convinced all that hard work is for him. This time, it was for a special birthday boy. But I’m still tuckered out from all the fun, so stay tuned for the complete run down. Until then, I know you’re all as eager as this guy:



Lemon Pull-Apart Coffee Cake

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I saved this recipe so long ago, I cannot tell you how or why I came across it.  And I really cannot tell you why I have waited oh-so-long to enjoy it.  Because it was simply divine.  Everything I wanted … Continue reading


What’s New Years without Champagne?

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Okay, folks.  We’re starting small.  Bear with me. My new years day was filled with good friends and food, so I didn’t exactly dive into this project day one.  But, I figured what better day than today to share my … Continue reading